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Big Data for the joint management of medication-related falls for senior citizens

PhD Student: Leonie Westerbeek, MSc

In my PhD project, ways of diminishing fall risk among elderly are researched. This is done by developing a clinical decision support system (CDSS) for general practitioners (GP’s) and a patient portal for patients. The CDSS will be designed and developed in cooperation with GP’s, with the goal of providing information regarding a patient’s fall risk and which combination of medications is related to this risk. Patients will be informed about their fall risk through their own personal portal. During the project, both the CDSS and the patient portal will be designed, developed, tested and evaluated with the goal of contributing to diminishing the fall risk among elderly.

L. (Leonie) Westerbeek

PhD Student

Prof. J.C.M. (Julia) van Weert


Dr G.J. (Gert-Jan) de Bruijn