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The Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) is the research institute in Communication Science at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Amsterdam. It is the largest research institute of its kind in Europe and is among the largest worldwide. More than 80 senior researchers are permanently associated with ASCoR, and its English-language PhD programme hosts 25 students.

Annual Report

International Advisory Board

The ASCoR Board is supported by the International Advisory Board, which consists of leading experts in our field. The current Advisory Board was established in January 2015.

ASCoR Honorary Fellows

ASCoR's Honorary Fellows are senior researchers with a strong international reputation. Honorary Fellows have a temporary affiliation with ASCoR and work with ASCoR faculty members on research projects, publications, and PhD candidate supervision.

  • McQuail Honorary Fellow

    The ASCoR Denis McQuail Award is offered for the best article advancing communication theory published in a peer-reviewed journal in the previous year. An international Award committee makes the selection, and the award goes to all listed authors of the article chosen. The first author is McQuail Honorary Fellow for one year, and is invited to give the McQuail Lecture.

    The McQuail Honorary Fellow 2022 was dr. Matthew Lombard

  • ASCoR's Honorary Fellows
    • prof. dr. Holli Semetko
    • prof. dr. Cees van der Eijk
    • prof. dr. Cees Hamelink
    • prof. dr. Wouter van der Brug
    • prof. dr. Joan Hemels
    • prof. dr. Klaus Schönbach
    • prof. dr. Kees Brants
    • prof. dr. Fred Bronner
    • prof. dr. Jo Bardoel
    • prof. dr. Marijn de Bruin
    • prof. dr. Ed Tan
    • prof. dr. Betteke van Ruler
    • prof. dr. Peter Neijens
    • prof. dr. Hans Beentjes

Affiliated Centres and Research Partners

Please find an overview of ASCoR's affiliated research centres and its international partner organisations below. 

  • Affiliated Centres


    The research lab for Communication science is called ComLab. It refers to a physical space with cubicles and a simulated living room, but also to the technical support service provided by the ICTO&ComLab-team. Contact us for any technical questions concerning your research, also for hardware and software requests.

    Drs. M. (Marcus) Spaan

    Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences


    The Netherlands School of Communication Research NeSCoR is the national research school in communication science, which unites all Dutch Universities offering programs in communication science that are rooted in the social and behavioural tradition.


    SWOCC is the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Brands and Brand Communication. Its aim is to expand the academic knowledge on branding and communication and to present this research in such a way that it can easily be implemented in day-to-day practice. SWOCC is fully sponsored by businesses from the field of advertising, media and marketing.

    Center for Politics and Communication 

    The goal of the Center for Politics and Communication  (CPC) is to provide a forum for scholars, journalists, political actors and others interested in political communication. The center aims to provide a central place for research and teaching in the area of political communication and to provide a place for the exchange of views and ideas about media, politics and public opinion.

    Center for research on Children, Adolescents and the Media 

    CCAM is part of the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. CCAM strives to better understand the role of media in children's and adolescents' lives. In addition, CCAM tries to explore and explain the consequences of children's and adolescents' media use.

    The Amsterdam Center for Health Communication

    The Amsterdam Center for Health Communication (ACHC) strives to promote health through research on effective communication.

  • International Communication Organisations

    International Communication Association

    International Communication Association (ICA) is an academic association for scholars interested in the study, teaching and application of all aspects of human and mediated communication.

    Netherlands Flanders Communication Association

    Netherlands Flanders Communication Association (NeFCA) aims to advance the scholarly study of communication by encouraging and facilitating excellence in academic research and the creation of an academic community of communication scholars in The Netherlands and Flanders.

    European Communication Research and Education Association

    ECREA is the learned society for communication scholars across Europe and beyond. Individuals, institutions and associations have chosen to become members of ECREA to join a large community devoted to the development and the quality of communication research and higher education in Europe.

    European Consortium for Political Research

    The European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) is an independent, scholarly association, established in 1970. It supports and encourages the training, research and cross-national co-operation of political scientists throughout Europe and beyond.