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PhD programme

PhD programme

Amsterdam School of Communication Research / ASCoR

The conduct of a research project by PhD students is central to ASCoR’s PhD programme.

The research project is based on a proposal that is usually written by one or more senior ASCoR faculty, but in some cases by the PhD candidate him/herself. In all cases it conforms to the following criteria:

  • Fits into the ASCoR research programme
  • Contains all compulsory elements of a Dutch Science Foundation application (see link below) : Definition of academic relevance (theoretical background), research question, proposed methodology, societal relevance, work plan and a budget.

Each PhD project usually consists of 3 or more research studies, leading to three or more peer-reviewed academic publications. 

In addition to writing articles, ASCoR PhD students also follow courses to broaden their knowledge, have the opportunity to visit (inter)national conferences and attend relevant workshops and symposia. 

Dutch National Science Foundation NWO


Admission and application