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Amsterdam School of Communication Research

ASCoR is the largest research institute of its kind in Europe and is among the largest worldwide.
Online RPA Lecture November 17: A walk on the wild side: Tales of translating behavioral science into health tech - Dr. Heather Patrick
Health technologies, including digital sensors, wearable devices, and mobile applications offer tremendous potential to bridge the gap between recommendations from healthcare providers and people’s capacity to implement those recommendations in their daily lives. However, many of these solutions have been developed by (1) technologists with limited or no input from relevant experts in the behavioral and social sciences or (2) ...
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Replication study contradicts claim that conservatives have stronger physiological responses to threats than liberals
For years, a study from 2008 that claimed that conservative people have stronger physiological reactions to threatening stimuli than those who express liberal views, has been widely quoted. A replication study, led by the University of Amsterdam, now shows that there is no evidence for this claim. The results of this new study have been published in Nature Human Behaviour.
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