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Life in contemporary Western societies heavily depends on media and communication technologies. How we work and how we spend our spare time; what we do as citizens and as consumers; how we relate to others and to ourselves – all of this is now heavily pervaded by new media and communication technologies.

The pervasiveness of our current media and communication technologies presents many exciting challenges for communication researchers: Older notions of media and communication need to be reassessed critically; the new media and communication environment needs to be charted; and the consequences of the rapid changes in media and communication need to be studied thoroughly, both for individuals, groups, and societies. These and other important challenges form the context for the fundamental scientific questions and issues that lie at the core of ASCoR’s research programme 2022-2026.

Communication in the Digital Society

The Communication in the Digital Society initiative consolidates, accelerates and expands research and teaching on the most urgent issues of today’s society regarding the impact of digitalization for the way we learn, work, enjoy and connect with others. 

Restoring and consolidating trust: Dealing with misinformation in times of crisis

Trust in public organisations, science and institutions has been challenged by recent crises like the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change and the energy transition. One of the driving factors in this loss of trust is the increase in misinformation and disinformation. Within this initiative, ASCoR researchers study the roles of disinformation and misinformation in these societal crises, and reach out to policy makers, politicians, journalists, professionals, and the general public with evidence-based suggestions on how to deal with them.