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PhD research projects

Results: 1 - 21 of 21
Results: 1 - 21 of 21
  • Accelerating Human-Machine Communication Research in a (Chat)Bot World

    PhD Student: Carolin Ischen MSc

  • Actors and Frames in Climate Change Communication

    PhD Student: Robin Tschötschel MSc

  • Adolescents and media entertainment: Uses, preferences, and effects

    PhD Student: Amber van der Wal MSc

  • Antecedents of children’s acceptance of social robots

    PhD Student: Chiara de Jong MSc

  • Big Data for the joint management of medication-related falls for senior citizens

    PhD Student: Leonie Westerbeek, MSc

  • Children and social robots: An integrative framework (CHILDROBOT)

    PhD Student: Caroline van Straten MSc

  • Consuming media, consuming food: the harmful effects of media use on food intake

    PhD Student: Monique Alblas MSc

  • Content and consequences of media coverage about the retirement age debate: Traditional versus social media

    PhD Student: Linda van den Heijkant MSc

  • Defending or Damaging Democracy: Legal Action against Anti-immigrant Politicians and the Electoral and Societal Consequences

    PhD Student: Lisanne Wichgers, MSc

  • Developing web-tools for older cancer patients: Effects and underlying processes of using a tailored patient-directed web tool

    PhD Student: Melanie de Looper MSc

  • Discussions in the classroom: investigating the role of interpersonal communication of teachers and students within a school-based health intervention

    PhD Student: Mathijs Mesman MSc

  • Extent and Consequences of Political Behavioral Targeting

    PhD Student: Tom Dobber MSc

  • How Augmented Reality Transforms the Persuasion Process

    PhD Student: Anne Roos Smink MSc

  • Impact of personalised marketing communication tactics

    PhD Student: Joanna Strycharz MSc

  • News for you! News consumption in a world of news sites, algorithms, and social media

    PhD Student: Susan Vermeer MSc

  • On Behalf of the People

    PhD Student: Edina Strikovic MA MSc

  • Persuasive consequences of consumer generated visual communication in social media

    PhD Student: Marie-Selien Fakkert MSc

  • Supreme Nudge: sustainable prevention of cardiometabolic risk through nudging health behaviours

    PhD Student: Anne Vos MSc

  • The Democratic Blind Spot: How authoritarian legacies structure contemporary ideological competition

    PhD Student: Sjifra de Leeuw MSc

  • The Effects of Online Social Information

    PhD Student: Marthe Möller MSc

  • The pros and cons of using online health information: taking a closer look at online health information and the interaction with the doctor’ consultation

    PhD Student: Remco Sanders MSc