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Look Who’s Talking: Towards Engaging Long-Term Interactions with Conversational Agents For Health Promotion

PhD Student: Divyaa Balaji, MSc

This is a collaborative multidisciplinary project that will be conducted alongside two other PhD candidates towards the development of advanced chatbots for health promotion, with a focus on encouraging engaging, long-term interactions with these conversational agents.

The focus of my project is the domain of sexual health, specifically targeting young people as well as HIV positive individuals. In pursuit of this, we will be developing and evaluating several chatbot prototypes and additionally, looking at how users interact with and build sustained relationships with such conversational agents to inform a more engaged user experience

D. (Divyaa) Balaji

PhD Student

Dr G.J. (Gert-Jan) de Bruijn


Prof. dr. R.W.H.J. (Reinout) Wiers