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Event details of Exploring the dynamics of political protest and repression in authoritarian settings: A computational approach based on the 2021 protests in Russia
30 March 2023
16:00 -17:00

The talk will primarily focus on the use of computational methods, including time series and network analysis, to analyze social media data. Furthermore, an R tool CooRTweet, developed for this study, will be briefly introduced ( These methods are applicable not only for studying protest and repression in authoritarian settings but can also be employed to investigate political phenomena in liberal democracies, such as polarization, (mis/dis)information diffusion, and protest and counter-protest.

About the speaker
Aytalina Kulichkina is currently a Research Associate and Ph.D. candidate in Computational Communication Science at the University of Vienna. Her research focuses on the intersection of political communication, social media, and computational methods in social science. Specifically, her doctoral dissertation investigates the online dynamics of political protest and counter-protest in authoritarian settings by employing empirical analyses of social media data. Furthermore, Aytalina is also passionate about exploring how marginalized communities use social media as a platform to amplify their voices and fight against inequalities. Her dedication to understanding these issues highlights her commitment to advancing social justice through research.

If you have any questions regarding this talk, please contact Olga Eisele