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Honorary Fellows

Amsterdam School of Communication Research / ASCoR

ASCoR Honorary Fellows

ASCoR's Honorary Fellows are senior researchers with a strong international reputation. Honorary Fellows have a temporary affiliation with ASCoR and work with ASCoR faculty members on research projects, publications, and PhD candidate supervision.


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Prof. dr. J.L.H. Bardoel

Prof. dr. K.L.K. Brants

Prof. dr. A.E. (Fred) Bronner

Prof. dr. W. van der Brug

Prof. dr. Marijn de Bruin

Prof. dr. Cees van der Eijk

Prof. dr. Cees Hamelink

Prof. dr. Joan Hemels

Prof. dr. Loet Leydesdorff

prof. dr. Peter Neijens

prof. dr. Betteke van Ruler

Prof. dr. Klaus Schönbach

Prof. dr. Holli Semetko

Prof. dr. Ed Tan

McQuail Honorary Fellow

The ASCoR Denis McQuail Award is offered for the best article advancing communication theory published in a peer-reviewed journal in the previous year. An international Award committee makes the selection, and the award goes to all listed authors of the article chosen. The first author is McQuail Honorary Fellow for one year, and is invited to give the McQuail Lecture.

The McQuail Honorary Fellow 2018-2019 is Homero Gil de Zúñiga

More information about the McQuail Award can be found on the Awards page on this website.

McQuail Award