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Amsterdam School of Communication Research

ASCoR is the largest research institute of its kind in Europe and is among the largest worldwide.
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Coq d’Honneur for Peter Neijens
21 March 2019
Peter Neijens was awarded a "Coq d'Honneur" by the Genootschap voor Reclame (GVR, Society for Marketing Communications).
‘We shouldn’t force people, but promote and facilitate healthy behaviour’
20 March 2019
How can we make sure that people can and want to live as healthily as possible? This is the key question informing the research of Hans Brug, recently appointed non-salaried professor of Health Behaviour at the ...
Customising online health information to suit personal preferences
15 March 2019
The number and use of health websites have grown enormously in recent years. UvA doctoral candidate Minh Hao Nguyen has investigated the importance of these websites specifically to older patients with cancer. Good ...
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Life in contemporary Western societies heavily depends on media and communication technologies. How we work and how we spend our spare time, what we do as citizens and as consumers, how we relate to others and to ourselves.
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How does the Dutch public feel about automated decision-making?
The Dutch public has main concerns regarding AI pertain to manipulation, risks or unacceptable outcomes, shows research on AI-led ADM.
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