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Adolescent Well-Being and Social Media Use: A Multi-Method Approach

PhD Student: Tim Verbeij MSc

Since the introduction of social media, numerous studies have tried to assess how adolescents’ social media use is related to their well-being. Some of these studies have argued that adolescents’ social media use is negatively related to their well-being, whereas others argued that adolescents’ social media use has no (or a positive) relation to their well-being.

As part of team AWeSome (Adolescents, Well-being, and Social Media), I will investigate how different methods to measure social media use are related to each other and to adolescents’ well-being. That is, do subjective measures (e.g., self-report data) of social media use capture the same underlying concept as more objective data sources (e.g., digital trace data)? And how are these different measurement methods related to adolescents’ well-being? After all, before we can draw conclusions about how adolescents’ social media use is related to their well-being, we need to know whether these methods measure the same concept and if they are all related to adolescents’ well-being in the same way.

T. (Tim) Verbeij MSc

PhD Student

Prof. dr. P.M. (Patti) Valkenburg


Dr. I. (Ine) Beyens