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Impact of personalised marketing communication tactics

PhD Student: Joanna Strycharz MSc

In the digital media landscape characterized by overload of information it becomes challenging for brands to reach consumers. Therefore, delivering the right content to the right person at the right moment with personalised marketing communication (PMC) tactics becomes increasingly valuable. Technology, big data, and social media deliver marketers insights into the personal interests of individuals. However, for consumers PMC tactics may make communication more relevant, but also more intrusive. This PhD project examines this tension by answering the questions what makes PMC tactics a persuasive strategy and under which circumstances they may have a boomerang effect on consumers.

Ms J. (Joanna) Strycharz MSc

PhD Student

Prof. dr. E.G. (Edith) Smit


Prof. dr. N. (Natali) Helberger


Prof. dr. G. (Guda) van Noort