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Supreme Nudge: sustainable prevention of cardiometabolic risk through nudging health behaviours

PhD Student: Anne Vos MSc

A healthy lifestyle consisting of a healthy diet and sufficient physical activity can reduce cardiometabolic risk. People with a low socio-economic status (SES) often have a less healthy lifestyle compared to those with higher SES. However, interventions aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle often poorly reach this low SES target group. In the Supreme Nudge project, the opportunities for facilitating healthy lifestyle behaviours of low SES adults are investigated.

Targeting and changing the environment in which health behaviour choices are made can significantly help to promote a healthy lifestyle and reach various target groups. In the Supreme Nudge project, a supermarket-based intervention will be investigated in which the supermarket environment includes ‘nudges’ (small environmental encouragements) and pricing strategies in such a way that healthy food choice becomes easier and more natural.

As an additional intervention component, this PhD project aims to develop and test a mobile application that is able to provide direct feedback on physical activity behaviours. First, the barriers and facilitators of mobile app usage in the low SES target group will be investigated. Next, a dynamically tailored mobile application that is able to provide personalised time- and context-specific feedback to encourage users to make healthy physical activity choices will be developed. The effects of this integrated approach on dietary behaviours, physical activity and cardiometabolic risk factors will be investigated.

A.L. (Anne) Vos MSc

PhD Student

Prof. dr. E.G. (Edith) Smit


Dr G.J. (Gert-Jan) de Bruijn