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Accelerating Human-Machine Communication Research in a (Chat)Bot World

PhD Student: Carolin Ischen MSc

Chatbots or conversational agents are reshaping our communication environment. In the shape of always-on personal virtual assistants, they are making their way to our lives, might it be to our media, our phones, tablets and computers, and our homes. In this new communication environment, chatbots have the potential to inform and persuade in new and effective ways. 

In this light, this PhD project investigates how the chatbots’ communicative characteristics influence, over time, the human-chatbot interaction and persuasion outcomes. The theoretical focus of the project are the intended as well as unintended persuasive consequences associated with chatbots, communicating in a conversational manner, using social and/or persuasive cues and displaying human-like behaviour. Furthermore, it explores the relationship-building to (non-human) entities over time. Importantly, the project has an explicit emphasis on method development on how to integrate conversational agents in communication research. 

C. (Carolin) Ischen

PhD student

Prof. dr. E.G. (Edith) Smit


Dr. T.B. (Theo) Araujo


Prof. dr. G. (Guda) van Noort


Dr. H.A.M. (Hilde) Voorveld