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On Behalf of the People

PhD Student: Edina Strikovic MA MSc

‘Nederland weer van ons’ was the slogan of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) moving into the 2017 general elections. While populist politics is a well-known phenomenon in many European democracies, the communicative aspects of populism are still underexplored. Underlying the slogan of the PVV is one of the corner stones of populist rhetoric: reference to ‘us’, ‘we’, the People. However, despite its centrality to the communication of populism, this perception of and reference to the People has received little attention in extant research.

The PhD project is thus positioned as a ‘populist as communication’ project. It zooms in on the core element of the People, linking three innovative studies of [1] how elites perceive and make reference to the People in their communication, [2] how the media construct the People in their reporting, and [3] what effects reference to different representations of the People have on citizens’ attitudes.


E. (Edina) Strikovic MA MSc

PhD Student

Prof. dr. R. (Rens) Vliegenthart


Prof. dr. C.H. (Claes) de Vreese


Dr. L. (Linda) Bos


Dr. G.L.A. (Toni) van der Meer

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

CW : Corporate Communication