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Annual reports

Amsterdam School of Communication Research / ASCoR

Highlights in 2017

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the Amsterdam School of Communication Research ASCoR. In only 20 years, ASCoR has turned into one of the best communication schools worldwide as, for example, evident in consistently high positions in international rankings. ASCoR’s strategy – attracting and fostering talented young scholars, a strong international orientation, and solid internal research funding – has proven successful in establishing a nationally and internationally respected institute. ASCoR has become home to a strong, impactful, highly visible research community and attracts many international top scholars as regular visitors. The research done in ASCoR covers many important and thriving fields within communication science; several important developments in these fields were shaped by contributions from ASCoR researchers. Overall, then, there is sufficient reason to be proud of what ASCoR and its members have accomplished in the past 20 years.

In 2017, ASCoR continued its successful track record. This was reflected in ASCoR’s mid-term review. Our international advisory board evaluated ASCoR’s ‘research quality’ and ‘relevance to society’ as excellent (score 1) and ASCoR’s viability as ‘very good’ (score 2). Again, ASCoR researchers were also very productive and published in prestigious, high-impact communication journals as well as in journals of neighboring disciplines. ASCoR researchers were also outstanding in acquiring external grants. Moreover, ASCoR members won multiple awards from international organizations. In this context, it is remarkable how many of our PhD students received top-paper awards at conferences, next to former PhD students who won prices for their doctoral dissertations. The continued accomplishments of our youngest members once more demonstrate how successful ASCoR has been as a school in the best sense of the word, attracting and forming the next generation of communication scholars.


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