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PhD programme

Application procedure

Amsterdam School of Communication Research

There are three options for applying to the ASCoR PhD Program. These are:

Option 1: Applying to an advertized project

Every year a number of specific PhD research projects are advertized. These projects come with a stipend or salary, and a tuition waiver. Vacancies are announced in the News section of our website, on the website of the University of Amsterdam, and in national newspapers.

Option 2: Submitting your own research proposal

Since the number of advertized vacancies with tuition waivers is limited, ASCoR also admits excellent students into the program on the basis of their own research proposal. The proposal should be relevant to at least one of ASCoR's Program Groups, and this should be stated explicitly in the proposal. You are expected to show that funds are available to cover living expenses for three years, and preferably also for project costs.

More information on what should be in your research proposal can be found in the FAQ section: 9. What are the guidelines for a research proposal? 

Please keep in mind that students submitting their own research proposal are not eligible for a scholarship or any other form of funding from ASCoR, and that a tuition fee will usually apply.

Option 3: PhD research visit

If you are a PhD candidate at another university, in the Netherlands or abroad, we welcome your application for a research visit to ASCoR. PhD research visits at ASCoR preferably last at least 3 months and can last up to one year.  ASCoR requires that the home university and supervisor(s) support the visit. If you would like to apply for a research visit to ASCoR, please download the PhD research visit application form, which also includes relevant information on submission requirements, facilities, and costs.

Submitting an application

Please complete the Application form for PhD positions at ASCoR and make sure to include all the documents listed in the checklist (Section C of the application form).

ASCoR PhD application form

You can send your complete application via e-mail to:

The Amsterdam School of Communication Research / ASCoR

University of Amsterdam
Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Submit your application