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The Persuasive Communication group won several awards at ICA 2018 in Prague.

Dissertation award

Claire Segijn won the Annie Lang Dissertation Award 2017 from the Information Systems Division for her dissertation entitled “Everyday Multiscreening. How the Simultaneous Usage of Multiple Screens Affects Information Processing and Advertising Effectiveness”. Her dissertation work was conducted at ASCoR and supervised by Edith Smit and Hilde Voorveld.

Awards for papers

Marijn Meijers, Anke Wonneberger and Paola Remmelswaal received a Top Paper Award from the Environmental Communication Division for their paper “Stimulating recycling by the use of visual feedback metaphors, Christin Scholz, together with Bruce Doré, Nicole Cooper and Emily Falk, a Best Paper Award from the Information Systems Division for their paper “Neural Message Engagement Predicts Susceptibility to Conversational Influence on Drinking Behavior”, and Minh Hao Nguyen a Top Student Paper Award from the Communication and Technology Division for her paper “Perceived Active Control Over Digital Content: Effects and Underlying Mechanisms of User-Initiated Mode Tailoring”.

ICA fellowship

Last but not least, Peter Neijens was awarded as ICA fellow.

An overview of all 28 Persuasive Communication presentations at ICA can be found here.