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Bert Bakker receives two year Marie Curie Global Fellowship Bert has received a Marie Curie Global Fellowship for his project "Politics isn't Cool, it's Hot! How emotions influence citizens' political attitudes".

Almost daily the media report on Europeans and Americans being anxious about the number of refugees entering their country; angry about unresponsive political elites; or sad how immigrants are treated. How do these emotions influence citizens' attitudes? In his project, Bert will move beyond self-reported measures of emotions and theorize and assess whether emotions - measured using physiological expressions - influence citizens' political attitudes.

As part of his Global Fellowship Bert will be affiliated with the Behavioral Foundations Laboratory of Professor Kevin Arceneaux at Temple University (US) for one year. During this year Bert will receive hands-on experience in designing, conducting and analyzing studies that make use of physiological measures. In the second year of the project, Bert will return to ASCoR to work on the project. Accordingly, this two year project provides Bert the unique opportunity to conduct a set of laboratory experiments that make use of physiological measures in both the United States and the Netherlands.