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European citizens are anxious about the number of refugees entering their country and global warming; angry about the power of the bureaucrats in Europe; and sad about the quality of politicians or how immigrants are treated.

Together with Matthijs Rooduijn (Utrecht University) and Gijs Schumacher (University of Amsterdam), Bert is studying whether these emotions drive citizens beliefs about politics. This study is a unique “Lab in the field” study during the music festival Lowlands. Out of 160 applicants Bert study was invited to be part of the Lowlands Science program.

Bert will bring a full laboratory to the festival and will measure the physiological responsiveness to political messages. In doing so, Bert will be able to assess whether people indeed experience physiological arousal in response to politics and whether these responses influence their political beliefs. You can follow Bert’s study via StukRoodVlees (In Dutch only, see link below) or Twitter (@bnbakker).

ASCoR Researcher Bert Bakker

Lowlands program

Blog Stuk Rood Vlees (In Dutch only)