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Key Publications

Research Priority Area Communication

Ten key publications


  • Araujo, T., Neijens, P. & Vliegenthart, R. (2015). What motivates consumers to re-tweet brand content? The impact of information, emotion, and traceability on pass-along behavior. Journal of Advertising Research, 55, 284-295. SSCI IMPACT FACTOR: 1.451
  • Boerman, S.C., Reijmersdal, E.A. van & Neijens, P.C. (2015). Using eye tracking to understand the effects of brand placement disclosure types in television programs. Journal of Advertising, 44 (3), 196-207. SSCI IMPACT FACTOR: 2.660
  • Bol, N., Weert, J.C.M. van, Haes, H.C.J.M. de, Loos, E.F. & Smets, E.M.A. (2015). The effect of modality and narration style on recall of online health information: Results from a web-based experiment. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 17 (4), e104. SCI IMPACT FACTOR: 5.247
  • Boukes, M., Boomgaarden, H.G., Moorman, M. & Vreese, C.H. de (2015). At odds: laughing and thinking? The appreciation, processing, and persuasiveness of political satire. Journal of Communication, 65 (5), 721-744. SSCI IMPACT FACTOR: 4.409
  • Burscher, B., Vliegenthart, R. & Vreese, C.H. de (2015). Using supervised machine learning to code policy issues: Can classifiers generalize across contexts? The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 659 (1), 122-131. SSCI IMPACT FACTOR: 1.928
  • Lecheler, S., Keer, M., Schuck, A.R.T. & Hänggli, R. (2015). The effects of repetitive news framing on political opinions over time. Communication Monographs, 82, 339-358. SSCI IMPACT FACTOR: 1.702
  • Meppelink, C.S. & Bol, N. (2015). Exploring the role of health literacy on attention to and recall of text-illustrated health information: an eye-tracking study. Computers in Human Behavior, 48, 87-93. SSCI IMPACT FACTOR: 3.724
  • Oosten, J.M.F. van, Peter, J. & Boot, I. (2015). Exploring associations between exposure to sexy online self-presentations and adolescents’ sexual attitudes and behavior. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 44 (5), 1078-1091. SSCI IMPACT FACTOR: 3.815
  • Powell, T.E., Boomgaarden, H.G., De Swert, K. & Vreese, C.H. de (2015). A clearer picture: the contribution of visuals and text to framing effects. Journal of Communication, 65 (6), 997-1017. SSCI IMPACT FACTOR: 4.409
  • Voorveld, H.A.M. & Viswanathan, V. (2015). An observational study on how situational factors influence media multitasking with TV: the role of genres, dayparts, and social viewing. Media Psychology, 18 (4), 499-526. SSCI IMPACT FACTOR: 2.147

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29 September 2016