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Social sharing of emotions through social network sites

Understanding conditions and benefits at various levels of communication scale

PhD student: Carmina Rodriguez Hidalgo MSc

Though Social networking sites (SNSs) are massively used for exchange of emotions among users, little is known about functions and potential benefits of emotional exchanges online. The Social Sharing of Emotions (SEE) framework (Rimé, 2009) allows understanding of SSE functions and prediction of beneficial emotion regulation in emotional exchanges.

By means of a content analysis of blog profiles in Live Journal, one experimental study and a longitudinal survey based on Facebook use,  conditions for beneficial SSE in an online environment will be established, including individual emotional recovery from negative emotions, plus the capitalization of positive emotions in SNSs, while exploring possible emotion regulation failures behind SSE online processes. 

  • Ms C.T. (Carmina) Rodriguez Hidalgo MSc

    PhD student

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Published by  ASCoR

25 March 2014