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Media multitasking among youth

PhD student: Winneke van der Schuur MSc

Over the past few decades, rapid technological changes have dramatically affected youths’ media use. More specifically, youth more often engage in media multitasking. This increasing prevalence has raised concerns because frequent media multitasking may have negative effects on several domains of youths’ functioning, such as academic performance and socio-emotional functioning.

Winneke van der Schuur studies the predictors and the consequences of media multitasking for youth. She is especially interested in the consequences of media use during academic activities. 


  • prof. dr. P.M. (Patti) Valkenburg

    Supervisor | T: 0205256074

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  • dr. S.E. (Susanne) Baumgartner

    Supervisor | T: 0205256101

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Published by  ASCoR

4 September 2017