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Expression effects: Toward a better understanding of mass self-communication on identity shift

PhD student: Sophie F. Waterloo MA, MSc


In today’s media landscape, people do not only have the possibility to express themselves online, but are positively encouraged to continuously share ‘what’s on their mind’, comment on messages, share interesting articles, blog, pin, and like. The idea of the active consumer of media has gained extensive attention within communication research. What has received less attention, however, are the questions of whether and how the information that people actively share online affects themselves.


The project aims to explore this question, thereby taking an expression-oriented approach. Specifically, Sophie’s research focuses on how the mediated character of communication might contribute to a shift in identity as a result of expressing information in different online settings.

  • prof. dr. P.M. (Patti) Valkenburg

    Supervisor | T: 0205256074

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  • dr. S.E. (Susanne) Baumgartner

    Supervisor | T: 0205256101

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Published by  ASCoR

3 November 2014