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Adolescents and media entertainment: Uses, preferences, and effects

PhD Student: Amber van der Wal MSc


Media content is not monolithic, nor are media users. Research thus far has mostly ignored individual differences and differences in content. By doing so, we risk to overlook the group for which media effects may be much more pronounced. Therefore, the aim of this PhD project is to examine (a) in-depth the types of media entertainment content preferred by (pre-)adolescents, (b) individual differences in selective exposure to different media entertainment content types, and (c) the effects of different types of violent content in different settings on aggression.

  • Ms A. (Amber) van der Wal MSc

    PhD student
    T: 0621704094

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  • prof. dr. P.M. (Patti) Valkenburg

    Supervisor | T: 0205256074

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Published by  ASCoR

6 November 2017