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Framing effects in the migrant crisis Case study on Macedonia

PhD Student: Ivo Bosilkov MSc

The project consists of three experimental studies analyzing how different media frames on the migrants affect citizens' attitudes on the issue of migration, and subsequently on a range of dependent variables. The first study looks at changes in media trust upon exposure, the second surveys the public support for a more presidentialized leadership and the third assesses potential shifts in the feeling and understanding of European identification. The arena for the study is the Republic of Macedonia, a country that found itself on the Balkan route of the migrant flow in 2015, where political and cultural context renders suitability for research.

  • prof. dr. C.H. (Claes) de Vreese

    Supervisor | T: 0205252426

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  • dr. K. (Katjana) Gattermann

    Supervisor | T: 0615684525

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Published by  ASCoR

6 November 2017