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Understanding Selective and Interactive Use and Effects of Digital Newspapers and Magazines

PhD Student: Fabiënne Rauwers MSc


Digital adoption is transforming media worldwide. Also print media, such as newspapers and magazines, are increasingly produced for, and published and consumed on digital platforms such as laptop, tablet and smart phone. Questions bothering academia and industry alike are how two defining characteristics of digital media -selectivity and interactivity- influence the use of digital print platforms and what the effects are on attention, recall, and persuasion of media content and advertising.


This PhD project focuses on the reading of digital newspapers and magazines on tablets. In this study we will develop and test several hypotheses that specify factors that influence the use and the effects of interactive features in these digital print media. Practically, the project aims at contributing insight for publishers and journalists who are interested in success factors for their digital publications, and for (profit and non-profit) advertisers and their agencies who want to get insight into the impact of advertising on these new platforms.

  • dr. H.A.M. (Hilde) Voorveld

    Supervisor | T: 0205256175

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Published by  ASCoR

6 November 2017