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Taking online computer-tailoring forward: the effectiveness of message frame tailoring in online smoking cessation communication

PhD Student: Maria Altendorf MSc

Evidence shows that tailoring message content, by means of personalizing message content to promote healthy behaviours, can lead to positive health effects. However, little knowledge exists about the effects of health messages, when messages frames are tailored according to individuals’ preferences for the message frame format. Earlier research showed that the use of non-controlling language and offering choice supports feelings of perceived autonomy and accordingly enhance people’s motivation to perform behaviour in young adults.

This PhD project aims to increase the effects of message frame tailoring in online smoking cessation communication for motivated smoking quitters on cessation rates. First, the most autonomy-supportive message frame for smoking cessation messages will be researched. Then, this knowledge will be used to develop a user friendly online smoking cessation intervention. In the last phase of the project, the (cost-) effectiveness of the developed intervention will be studied in a randomized controlled trial.
By means of offering smokers tailored online quit aids, this study can contribute to a public health aim of decreasing smoking rates.


  • Ms M.B. (Maria) Altendorf

    PhD student
    T: 0646992787

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  • Prof. J.C.M. (Julia) van Weert

    Supervisor | T: 0205252091

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Published by  ASCoR

6 November 2017