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Interpreter-mediated communication in general practice

PhD student: Rena Zendedel MA

Migrant patients with insufficient language proficiency in Dutch often take along family members (so-called informal interpreters) to the medical consultation to tackle language barriers. However, a recent review study on interpreter-mediated communication has indicated that there is a dearth of research on interpreter-mediated communication from the perspective of migrant patients themselves. Furthermore, most studies lack a theoretical framework, which hinders the consolidation of previous findings.

Therefore, the aim of the proposed research project is to study the processes of interpreter-mediated communication in general practice, including its possible antecedents and outcomes, predominantly from the patient’s perspective. Patients’ perspectives will be compared to the perspectives of informal interpreters’ and general practitioners in order to arrive at a more complete picture of interpreter-mediated communication in general practice.

Findings of this research will contribute to more insight into how interpreter-mediated communication might be improved and therefore, how quality of health care provision to migrant patients can be enhanced.


  • dr. B.C. (Barbara) Schouten

    Supervisor | T: 0205253879

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  • prof. dr. S.J.H.M. (Bas) van den Putte

    Supervisor | T: 0205252205

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  • Prof. J.C.M. (Julia) van Weert

    Supervisor | T: 0205252091

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Published by  ASCoR

26 February 2014