Amsterdam School of Communication Research / ASCoR


Amsterdam School of Communication Research / ASCoR

From the Report 2014:

"There is no doubt that ASCoR is one of the top Communication Science institutions in the world. Its research is respected by academics throughout the diverse discipline of communication worldwide, and its scholars are leaders in highly visible and noteworthy initiatives. Its researchers routinely publish in top-rated ISI journals, the academic research staff is very successful in securing funding for their research, and their work forms the basis of countless studies within the discipline and within closely related fields (e.g., developmental psychology). Its high international ranking (e.g., QS World) is well deserved. ASCoR has four very strong programme areas, a large number of senior researchers and PhD students, recent international hires, high-quality dissertation theses, good infrastructure support from the University, and their own ComLab as well as FMG labs."

Published by  ASCoR

1 September 2017