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Corporate Communication

  • prof. dr. R. (Rens) Vliegenthart

    Program Group Director | Expertise: interaction between media en organisations, media effects, content analysis, , political communication, time series analysis, social movements
    T: 0205256117

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  • dr. T.B. (Theo) Araujo

    Expertise: social media, cross-national & intercultural corporate communication, CSR | T: 0205254061

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  • dr. M. (Mark) Boukes

    Expertise: media effects, infotainment and soft news, economic news coverage, structural equation modelling | T: 0205252129

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  • dr. J.W. (Jelle) Boumans

    PhD candidate | Expertise: time series analysis, political economy of news media |

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  • Ms A. (Alyt) Damstra MSc

    PhD candidate | Expertise: the role of media coverage in the economic crisis |

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  • dr. R.H. (Rutger) de Graaf

    Expertise: sustainable communication, storytelling, research-based public relation, automated content analysis |

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  • dr. C.L. (Claartje) ter Hoeven

    Expertise: new ways of working, flexible work arangements, employee well being, employee-managerial communication |

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  • dr. S.H.J. (Sandra) Jacobs

    Expertise: news media, effects of media coverage, public sector/government communication, qualitative research methods |

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  • Ms A.C. (Anne) Kroon MA

    PhD candidate | Expertise: communicating employability, portrayals of older employees, framing, news & journalism |

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  • dr. G.L.A. (Toni) van der Meer

    PhD candidate | Expertise: crisis communication, framing, frame alignment, automated semantic-network analysis |

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  • dr. P.H.J. (Pytrik) Schafraad

    Expertise: PR-Media interaction, media attention, news & journalism, quantitative & qualitative content analysis |

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  • prof. dr. M. (Martine) van Selm

    Expertise: images of older employees, communicating employability older workers, E-health, Qualitative research methods | T: 0205253960

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  • dr. J.W.M. (Joost) Verhoeven

    Expertise: employees’ social media use, crisis communication, corporate brand values |

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  • dr. P. (Piet) Verhoeven

    Expertise: corporations and the press, european communication monitor, competences of european communication professionals | T: 0205253130

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  • dr. A. (Anke) Wonneberger

    Expertise: media and non-profit organizations, environmental communication, audience research, quantitative research methods | T: 0611649402

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  • dr. W. (Ward) van Zoonen

    PhD candidate | Expertise: workplace communication, social media in organisations, employee voice behaviours, quantitative research methods |

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Visiting Lecturer

Expertise: Communication and organisational change, business consultancy.

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Program group Corporate Communication

4 December 2015