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Veni grants for two ASCoR members

20 July 2018

The Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) awarded dr. G.L.A. (Toni) van der Meer and dr. M. (Mark) Boukes with a veni grant, allowing them to further develop their personal research agendas.

The project by dr. Mark Boukes is entitled "Not just funny?: The influence of political satire on political engagement among youth". While the consumption of traditional news is decreasing, popularity of satire keeps increasing, especially among the younger audience. Mark Boukes studies the democratic consequences of this infotainment phenomenon. In particular, Boukes investigates if and how political satire affects the political engagment of Dutch youth.

The project by dr. Toni van der Meer, entitled "A negative media reality?", investigates the implications of the inclination of media to select and communicate negative information. Toni van der Meer analyses how biases in news coverage have developed over time, who exposes themselves to negative news and what are the consequences for feelings of fear among the public.

Boukes - M

dr. Mark Boukes

Toni van der Meer

dr. Toni van der Meer

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